Sofia, The Real Smart Living Environment


Alessandro Nacci, CEO
Riccardo Cattaneo, Business&Strategy
Matteo Ferroni, CTO
Andrea Mariani, Developer
Jacopo Fiorenza, Developer



Sofia is the technology conceived to program smart living environments.

TIM #Wcap Accelerator Milan



Thanks to Sofia, smart spaces are managed with a very easy user interaction, through the concept of SmartBehaviour, similar to that of app for smartphones.



“We need to simplify the interaction between users and smart home technology, otherwise it will not be accessible to all. Today it is still too complex to be widespread. We started from this assumption and for this reason we created a technology allowing the interaction with smart living environments similar to that we have with smartphones. Moreover, we are developing a smart assistant able to understand the need for comfort just asking for few suggestions.”

Alessandro obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Telecom Italia JOL di Milano (S-Cube), where he knew about TIM #Wcap.

“It is a very challenging environment from an intellectual point of view. The relationship with Anna Testa, the Head of Accelerator, and Lisa Di Sevo, the mentor, is serene but decisive. They are very skilled and an essential reference point. Training sessions are very useful too: the courses are of really interesting quality contents. And last but not least: TIM #Wcap have a powerful network to go to market easily.”


Sofia has been created after years of researches on smart buildings, in June 2015. Thanks to the significant skills acquired by Alessandro and, thanks to the team, they have been able to design a product to meet the demands of the market.

“The technology we are developing is conceived for smart homes of future at business-to-consumer level and it will be a reality within a few years. This technology is interesting also for other business players, like hotels, coworking spaces, boat manufacturers. At the moment, we are focusing on these potential clients with a B2B strategy.”


Sofia aims to be the virtual assistant for homes. It’s smart, acts tactfully and efficiently, fully understands. Those are all female features (the picture of a perfect being). From here the name of a lady given to the startup.


Moreover, a virtual assistant is an AI software. Thus, “Sofia” is also the acronym of: SOFtware of Artificial Intelligence.
The logo is a close eye, symbol of who can listen  patiently and quietly. With eyes closed.