TIM #Wcap: The Accelerator with the engine inside

For some time there is something new within the univers of TIM #Wcap. It’s TIM Ventures, the corporate venture capital fund whose mission is to provide funding to high-performing startups. In only five months, TIM Ventures entered the social capital of six startups mde in TIM #Wcap.

TIM Ventures works with TIM #Wcap and they complement one another. Indeed, the startups selected by TIM #Wcap through the Call for Ideas are given a grant, take part to the Digital Innovation Year, immediately become Telecom Italia certified suppliers and they may be also eligible to receive an investment from TIM Ventures. A nimble company that moves with the versatility of investments in Venture Capital Funds and at the same time with the power of a big national company: Telecom Italia. It’s about real numbers and financial transactions allowing teams to develop their own projects. But it’s about numbers will not exist without disruptive startups the great founders wished.


Here are some stories.

Pedius, the mobile app that allows deaf and hearing impaired people to make regular phone calls, established by the twenty-nine year founder Lorenzo Di Ciaccio, has been accelerated by TIM #Wcap in 2013. In December 2014, Pedius was the subject of a co-investment of 410.000 euros by TIM Ventures.

Oilproject, the first online Italian school founded by the twenty-five year Few months after the entry in TIM #Wcap Accelerator, users multiplied by 30. Today they are a million a month, a record. In February, TIM Ventures entered the social capital with 200.000 euros.

Innaas, startup of big data analytics. In summer 2014,  before even fulfilling the acceleration program, has provided TIM Stadium platform and A TIM League with its own software. In April, TIM Ventures invested 100.000 euros in Innaas.

Edo, teamworking tool with very useful userfriendly features. Startup accelerated in 2013, in April was the subject of a co-investment of 150.000 euros by TIM Ventures.

Flying high but with feet firmly planted on the ground.