EDO, the new teamworking tool


Eduardo Festa, CEO
Angelo Bellone, CMO
Marco Muratore, CTO
Paolo Briganti, Mobile developer



EDO is a fully native web and mobile app that helps users to organize, manage and share documents. The teamworking tool that rethinks the email experience the users are always been used to, combining cloud storage and instant messaging. Edo is the virtual desk to have on hand all of digital contents, in a smart and easy way.

TIM #Wcap Accelerator Rome



We have already told the story of  EDO less than one year ago. Time was running out and the accelerated startup at TIM #Wcap Rome in 2013 had not then fully finalized their desktop app. Although they had been working so hard within the last months, it had not yielded the desired outcome. It happens when you start pursuing tirelessly your dreams. It is not all a “bed of roses”.

In September, Eduardo and the others returned to Rome and rolled their sleeves up. They had to take their time and achieve an important new step.

"It was midsummer time and we were going through a transitional period. We had to set our product. Thanks to the access to co-working space and the mentorship provided by TIM #Wcap after the period of acceleration, we succeeded in develop our web and mobile app, by working night and day, every day. At the time of release, we had meaningful feedback from users and thousand of downloads."

The following months had been hard, but the good wishes went down particularly well after sleepless nights with a happy ending.

"Now we are now much closer to the fulfilment of our dream.Two innovation-relevant keyplayers TIM Ventures and Club Italia Investimenti 2 have trusted in us and decided to share a common path. We will develop the app also for iOS, required by many users.. We'll finalize our product for companies and corporate sector: the business-oriented version will include further functions and it will provide the storage solution. Moreover, we rely on minority shares from large companies requiring specific services for their own platforms."