Call for Ideas 2014: here are the #GranTissimi!

A call to which more than 1600 of you responded, including from outside Italy, proposing more than 1300 innovative ideas.

A shortlist of 100 projects was created, out of which we chose 40 - a very difficult choice – to help them grow with our mentors in 4 accelerators in 4 Italian cities, for 4 months of intense and exciting work. An important contribution to Make in Italy innovation: 1 million euros divided among the 40 startups.

We have some really important news for this year: an additional grant for an idea inspired by the thought of a great innovator, as well as a great Wcap friend: Funky Professor Marco Zamperini. It is called Funky Grant, and it was awarded to MarioWay.

These are the numbers for Working Capital’s fifth Call for Ideas!

The wait is over!
Finally, here are the names of the 40 talented people who will make their startup grow within the Working Capital accelerators in Rome, Milan, Catania and Bologna, and of the 9 honorable mentions who will have direct access to the Quick List of Telecom Italia suppliers.

Congratulations and good luck to all the #GranTissimi: let’s accelerate!


Surgery Academy
A web platform that allows students of surgery to “enter” into a real operation room through Google Glass.

A device that can be installed on any pair of eyeglasses which helps blind and visually impaired people in their daily lives.

Discovery Food
A service that digitalizes food products and tells their stories. Users will also be able to buy these food products online, in retail stores or directly from the producers.

An e-commerce platform where users can desing their own outfits which will be produced by certain specialty Italian manufacturers.

Wolf of Trading
An online trading platform that allows you to get information directly from the best traders.

A crowdfunding platform where people raise funds to restore luxury and historical properties.

An application that generates links between the products that you see on TV and the products that you buy.

A modular kit for building robots and controlling them from a PC or smartphone.

Sentiment analysis software that performs Opinion Mining analysis on text files.

Fifth Element
A platform and application based on body and gesture integration which helps people with physical and mental disabilities.


A revolutionary wheelchair that allows its occupants to have “normal” posture and to be able to move around without using their hands.


A platform that organizes and filters resumes in order to facilitate the job or the recruiter.

It’s a wearable device that tracks all statistics related to swim activity and also facilitates communication between the athlete and the coach.


Software that monitors unauthorized reproductions of digital works on the Internet and in particular on peer-to-peer networks.

A new internal search engine for university websites that specializes in finding the content presented in videos.

A personal vertical video library with a Mobile App where users store, view, browse and search their videos even in offline mode.

A Web application that makes the FAQ section of websites more dynamic using semantic analysis and comparative data matching.

Dataninja School
A “learning by doing” data journalism platform. A new data-driven informative model that has a community which shares expertise and extracts knowledge in order to develop a journalism ecosystem during challenging times.

A magazine and gallery of virtual shops that informs international buyers about the excellent craftsmanship and Italian know-how of Italian products sold in limited editions.

A platform that proposes and contacts experts in your area when you’re in need by cross-searching feedback and geo-location and including a short description of the damage that occurred.

A communication system aimed at audio / video technology with WebRTC. The user interface consists of a single large button and a screen for video calling non-expert users (elderly, children, disabled).

A remote control for LED lamps with advanced features and technology and Italian design for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants at home.

Work Wide Woman
Social learning platform dedicated to the vocational training of women, creating a network of women interested in cooperation, sharing and exchange.


Web software and mobile app that allows municipalities to better communicate with citizens about problems in the city and to improve comunication with the town hall.

A website that analyzes customer feedback to help develop future products or improve current products and services.

#Wcap ROMA

Online gaming platform where players drive completely real vehicles in real locations directly from their PCs, smartphones or tablets.

Analysis Platform for businesses which processes quantitative and qualitative info (data) to provide real-time KPI and short (synthetic) information on business performance.

Mobile application that uses geolocation and Linkedin profile integration so that users can see the professional skills of people attending a particular event, making networking easy.

This software uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect fraud attempts that can occur during transactions on e-commerce sites.

A tablet application that uses GIS and virtual reality to let you view underground nets and their location, tipology and depth.

A Mobile App for sending voice messages from your smartphone to any receiver in one touch by simply holding the your contact’s name.

Business social network that supports the process of team creation by creating an optimal mix of team members’ hard skills their potential.

A virtual Journey Assistant that inspires, plans holidays and frees up time of their customers on a budget.

Web Platform that gives its users “virtual money” as a company benefit, which employees use to buy goods and services.

A platform where users can book a ride on a scooter. Useful for people that have little time available to go to appointments or make an urgent delivery. They can also request a "shuttle service" to the nearby scooter drivers.


E-commerce platform where companies trade goods and services without cash, using a bartering system.

Plug & Play internet of things products used in Domotics (home automation) to control web and mobile components and industrial systems.


A platform that manages the geocalization information that other applications on your smartphone require.

A B2B markeplace that has the aim of creating a marketplace of commodities without financial speculation.

A device that recognizes digital prints and integrates with smartphones and other devices in order to identify the person that is trying to accomplish actions such as buying something or accesing a room.

Software that predicts situations of risk through the analysis of geographical data.

A marketplace where skill people can find a job based on their location.

A project that uses cryptographic algorithms to offer a superior alternative to VoIP video chats.

Omnia School Innovation
A school register that can be easily accessed by parents in order to view their children’s grades and more.

A carpooling services uses geolocalization to match offers and requests in real time.

Software that translates texts not just based on grammatical rules but also based on their context.

A social network based on iBeacon technology that allows user to have real interations.


Software that allows companies to have an easy online catalogue that is always connected to the company’s IT system.

A device that decreases insurance company fraud while increasing the security of a vehicle’s passengers.

A web press tool that agregates all of the articles about a specific subject.