TIM #Wcap 2016-2017 Program


Our 2016-2017 Program is full of news and incentives. Our aim is to help digital startup teams develop their projects, focus on their goals and achieve them in the shortest possible time.


CALL FOR STARTUPS                                                                          

Between 30th March and 30th May 2016 we selected 25 digital startups through our Call for Startups. The selected startups were each given a 40,000 euro grant and access to participate in Digital Innovation Year 2016-2017.



Digital Innovation Year started in September 2016 and consists of  3 months of acceleration and 9 months of mentorship, co-working e networking. The startups will have a whole year of collaboration with TIM #Wcap in order to develop their business projects.



The acceleration phase lasts 3 months  (September – November 2016) and takes place in one of our 4 accelerators in MilanBolognaRomeCatania. Qualified tutors and mentors guide startups on a journey oriented to the growth of their project both from the technical and business perspective. Startups are involved in workshops and lectures with a business focus as well as one to one advice and supervision sessions. They learn a lot, from how to develop a pitch to how to develop a product/service and launch it on the market. 



The 3-month acceleration period ends with Demo Day: the big day in which startups present themselves to investors, businesses and industry influencers.



After the acceleration phase, startups continue working in our accelerators for a further 9 months (December 2016-August 2017), receiving additional mentorship and benefiting from our co-working spaces. In the course of Digital Innovation Year many networking events are organized to encourage dialogue with successful startuppers, entrepreneurs, investors, Business Angels and Venture Capitals.


TIM OPEN       

The startups take advantage of TIM #Wcap synergies with TIM OPEN, the B2B platform for Italian developers and ICT operators. TIM OPEN provides all the tools for the development of cloud solutions and their monetization through TIM’s distribution channels (the “TIM Nuvola Store” marketplace and TIM agents).



TIM #Wcap startups automatically enter Albo Veloce which certifies them to become TIM suppliers. Already in the acceleration phase, startups receive feedback from the TIM Business Units interested in their solutions.



This is the dedicated budget at the disposal of TIM Business Units for the purchase of TIM #Wcap startup solutions. 



That is not all. Selected startups also have the great opportunity to enter the portfolio of TIM Ventures, the TIM Corporate Venture Capital.



The 10 startups that stand out during the acceleration program for business potential, execution ability and responsiveness to the company’s innovation needs are chosen for the Best in Class program and receive a further grant of 10,000 euros – meaning that the 10 best startups receive a total grant of 50,000 euros.

The CEO and co-founders of these startups are also given the opportunity to spend an extra month in the Rome accelerator. During this time, additional in-depth workshops with a business and venture capital focus and meet and match opportunities are organised with both TIM Business Units and external companies and public administration, thanks to the TIM #Wcap’s extensive network.

Startups also have increased opportunities for visibility on the online media and thanks to participation in events, tradeshows and match sessions.
Lastly, they have the opportunity for closer dialogue with the TIM Ventures fund and for a structuring their investor deck in greater detail.