Born in 2009 under the name Working Capital, we have kept evolving ever since, playing an increasingly important role within the open innovation strategy of TIM.

Over the years, in parallel with the development of the Italian innovation ecosystem, we have partnered with increasingly more mature startups.

In 2016, we decided to move on from our traditional Call for Ideas to the Call for Startups, with the aim of selecting later-stage development projects.

This brings us to 2017. This year, our role as corporate accelerator is confirmed and strengthened. Our startup scouting process is guided by the corporate business strategy, whilst the development of successful projects is oriented toward the goal of integrating the best solutions in the value chain of TIM, strengthening the company’s offer and stimulating, through synergy with the startups, its expansion into adjacent markets.

With this year’s programme we intend to consolidate our startup recruitment criteria through a new type of Call alongside the Call for Startups: the Call for Partners, aimed at ready-to-market startups operating in specific sectors. They will have the opportunity to take part in an innovative Co-Creation programme.

With our Calls, we set ourselves a two-fold goal: the Call for Startups seeks to identify new trends in technological innovation through an acceleration programme for early-stage startups with innovative ideas; the Call for Partners, on the other hand, seeks to identify already mature solutions which can rapidly be integrated in the Company through a Co-Creation programme aimed at their customisation.

This is why we immediately implement a joint strategy between the startups entering our circuit and the business units of TIM, in order to explore any potential mutual business opportunities. For startups which have developed apps for businesses and professionals, moreover, we facilitate the opportunities offered by TIM Open, the company’s marketplace for digital solutions. Finally, entering the TIM #Wcap programme guarantees startups a privileged platform for visibility compared with TIM Ventures, the corporate venture capital of TIM which invests in the most interesting startups for corporate business.