About us

We are the TIM corporate accelerator that selects, finances and accelerates the best digital startups. We are part of the TIM Open Innovation Programme.



Over 6.6 million euros invested in startups.

Over 9,000 projects supported over the years.

4,000 square metres dedicated to innovation.

294 startups supported since 2009.

Over 50 go-to-market strategies developed within TIM in the last two years.

90% TIM #Wcap startups survival rate.

12 TIM #Wcap-accelerated startups have received investment from TIM Ventures.

TIM #WCAP is a MISE certified accelerator.



In 2009 the TIM #Wcap Programme is launched under the name Working Capital.

Already in 2010 we support 78 entrepreneurial and research projects.

The 150th anniversary of Italian Unification in 2011 marks a new renaissance for Italian innovation. We launch Tour dei Mille: we expect 1000 projects and receive 2139 entries. We support 38 of them.

‘Is it possible to create an Italian Silicon Valley?’ 2012 is the year of ‘Italian Rainforest’ (at MIUR and Opificio Telecom Italia) with the participation of Greg Horowitt. At the end of the year, with the event ‘Si può fare’ (‘It can be done’), we assign grants to 20 startups.

The 2013 programme is launched with the tagline ‘There is Only Make’. Our 3 accelerators open in Milan, Rome and Catania. 30 teams receive a 25,000 euros grant and 15 of them enter the Acceleration Programme.

2014 is the year of ‘Make in Italy!’: 40 25,000 euros grants are assigned to startups in our accelerator programmes in Milan, Rome and Catania. The Bologna accelerator opens.

In 2015, fourty 25,000 euros grants are assigned to 40 startups participating in the Digital Innovation Year: a 4-month acceleration period and a further 8 months of mentorship and co-working. Over the course of the year, 11 Tim #Wcap startups receive investment from TIM Ventures, the Tim Group Corporate Venture Capital.

In 2016 Call for Ideas becomes Call for Startups, with the aim of collecting even more practical and mature projects. As a consequence, some important news are introduced. The selected startups are 26, the grants are increased to 40,000 euros and the Best in Class Program is launched: the 10 best startups receive one additional month of acceleration and a further 10,000 euro grant, meaning a total grant of 50,000 euros.